• Guillermo Zamarripa

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  • Óscar González

    Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

  • Sonia Lopez

    Marketing and Commercial Director

  • Alejandra Blasco

    Athlete Development Director

  • Ilze Zamarripa

    Head of Design for Athletes and Brands

  • Wiso Vazquez

    Multicultural Marketing Director

  • Mariaesther Romero

    Business Development Analyst

  • Oscar Reyes

    Founder at Kings Pro Custom Shin Guards

  • Juskani Cabello

    Growth Manager

  • Amy Lopez

    Community and Communications Manager

2007 - 2009

Background- Guillermo Zamarripa and Oscar Gonzalez graduate with honors as student-athletes from New York Institute of Technology

2009 - 2015

Professional Experience - Guillermo and Oscar develop their own projects across different industries. AGM Sports and CMAS Athletes both thrive in their respective markets.


The Marketing Jersey - Guillermo Zamarripa founded The Marketing Jersey LLC in the United States


Leaders - Sonia and Alejandra join The Marketing Jersey’s Mexico offices to formally work around Deyna Castellano’s career. Guillermo and Oscar begin discussions about a women’s soccer development platform & new business model.


The Management Jersey - Oscar and Guillermo founded The Management Jersey in Spain - a sports agency focused on sports representation.


Strategy - Both agencies collaborate to develop a 360-degree boutique service strategy for professional athletes.


Rebrand and Launch - The Marketing Jersey and The Management Jersey merge and rebrand as The Marketing Jersey. A new type of consulting and representation agency is born.