TMJ Cares is our exclusive social responsibility program. We are committed to using sports as a vehicle to make an impact in society. As an organization we invest in projects and programs that touch on the following 3 pillars:



Diversity & Inclusiveness

The Marketing Jersey’s Committments:

  • We are committed to a diverse gender equality ratio in our organization. To date 50% of our executive leadership positions are occupied by women and 57% of our full time staff are women.
  • Education has changed the lives of every employee at The Marketing Jersey. We are committed to sharing our own story and continuing to provide educational opportunities to our talent.
  • Our diversity and inclusive culture is our strength. Within our team we have members of the LGBTQ community as well as multiple backgrounds and nationalities
  • We will continue to invest in women’s soccer globally. We see our investment as a long term play and we are comfortable with that. We will not sacrifice service for short term gains.
  • We treat our women’s soccer players EXACTLY the same as our men’s soccer players.
  • We are an organization that was born from the desire to drive change in women’s soccer worldwide. Women’s soccer is our strength, not our weakness.

tmj cares
tmj cares
tmj cares

Some of our current programs in Women’s Soccer include:

  • “Cleats to Play” Program” – Ensures every professional athlete in our roster has access to FREE cleats to be able to their job. This program primarily focuses on female professional athletes.
  • “Cleats & Grow” Program – Geared towards amateur women’s soccer players worldwide. Every year we select a group of amateur teams to giveaway cleats to.
  • Collegiate Scholars – Ensures high potential women soccer players from ANY country has access and guidance to NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA opportunities. No fees. Our bona fide consulting experts will guide you through every step of the process.
  • Women in Sports Program – A program led by Alejandra Blasco and Sonia Lopez that helps create internship opportunities for students, athletes and former athletes to learn more about the sports industry.
  • Access to TMJ Talent – Geared towards PR partners worldwide. As an organization we are committed to providing access to our players. We recognize the importance of developing a healthy news ecosystem where women soccer players are the centerpiece of the story.
  • Travel to Dream Program – We provide financing options for any eligible athlete that does not receive travel support from their professional clubs.
  • Women’s Soccer R&D and Consulting Program – We invest resources in Research & Development focused on the constant innovation of programs that positively affect the development of women’s soccer.
  • Commission Waiver Program – As an agency we waive the salary commission if your professional contract is less than $1000 Euros. Yes – you receive a world class management service for no cost.
  • Sponsorship 101 - We develop marketing assets and guide you through the steps of building your story and pursuing commercial opportunities.